Thursday, February 19, 2015

Okay, so maybe you guys have been wondering what I am up to these past few weeks that I am idle so I wanted to update you. :) I STILL didn't hear from the Ministry of Health about my exam date but hearsays from people who will be taking them too said that the MOH is postponed due to the Independence Day on February 25, better known here as the "HALA FEBRAYIR" so the prepation's about the whole February. So I am guessing that my exam will be some time in march. Well, I am not the type to retain information so I decided to STOP studying because it doesn't really do me any good. I have forgotten half the things I have reviewed and not even sure about what I retained. May God bless my soul. :( In the mean time, I decided for a "Me time" with a little bit of brushing the guilt away by staying MEDICAL. LOL. So I started watching Grey's Anatomy from Seasons 1 down to the last. It has always been my plan to watch Grey's Anatomy straight because I loved the series even then but couldn't watch it religiously due to school stuff. So yay! I finally crashed an item down my endless list of To-do's :)

This got me sleeping at 7am every day and waking up at 4pm. My sleeping pattern is a mess but it's all worth it because when I sleep, it's a good, deep sleep. I have been suffering from insomnia before. My life practically revolved around the hospital, just like the, and it reminded me of my internship in the different areas of the hospital. I am also a frustrated medical student for so many reasons. Lack of time, too much responsibilities and pressure, lack of support and the likes. I guess it will just be a buried dream. Being a Nurse is close enough, though, it still grounds me in a hospital field saving lives. :) 

And If you ask me who my favorite character here is, I would say Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) because he was an epitome of a best friend despite being labeled as a "Man Whore" in the story. And he is just soooo hot, thus, having the "McSteamy" code name by the interns and residents at the hospital. It's so sad though that he had to die in season 8 :( I literally cried. Aw, I'm just too attached to the story line now.

Of course, some of you would want to watch Grey's Anatomy, so I will link you <3 

Happy Watching! <3

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hello there! It's  my first winter here in Kuwait and I'm glad because since I love to play dress-up, I would be able to try on some winter looks. I don't claim to dress up fabulously because I only aim presentable and COMFY! Well, if you are a plus size lass like me with an apple-shaped figure (I'm not so sure with that though) you'll be able to use some tips from me :)

So I decided to go out with this look below. Fluffy cream top with black and metallic golden details on the sleeves which I think makes me look slimmer in the arms. And I'm so thankful for the holes there because the material really makes you  warm (a winter top, duh? ^_^) and I'd love to breathe some fresh air despite the cold winter breeze.

For the bottom, I almost always choose black pants/leggings because not only does it cover that unwanted belly there, it gives a sexier look to that fat thighs. We don't want to draw more attention on that bass, do we? ^_^  and a rule of fashion goes : Light top, dark bottom and vice versa :)

lastly, I found the most comfortable boots ever. It's like wearing your socks only. My feet are kept warm and it could breathe well in that. Both the details of my top and bottom are shown there, so I guess it's a matchy, matchy kind of day :) As for the bag, I think a convenient brown leather bag goes well with black and white and other nudes. 

I am so happy and comfy with this look <3

PS: The outfit's grabbed from different brandless department stores here but of good quality of course :)

TOP: 1.250 KW Dinar or Php 186.94 (360 Mall grocery section)
BOTTOM: 1.500 KWD or Php 224.34 (Anee's Closet)
BOOTS: 6.700 or Php 1,002.00 (Al-Maweed, Farwaniya)
BAG: 12KWD or Php 1,794.67 (Kuwait City)

OOTD #1: Semi-winter Look

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hi there! I'll be doing another make up review that's for this month because my previous post was a review intended for January. I can't promise a specific pattern of time for review posts but be assured I will update at least once a week :)

So talking about my monthly haul, my mom and I usually go out every first week of the month to stack up our almost-empty fridge for the whole month. Unlike last month, we decided to do our shopping in Lulu Hypermarket, Dajeej. I got a bit sad because I wouldn't be able to sneak into my favorite make up store and I remember grocery stores only sold Revlon and Rimmel the most here. I opted to shop for a new compact powder because the one I was using does not blend in with my complexion anymore. Why? Because I got lighter. Yay! Thanks to Pond's Flawless White, and yes, expect a review on that too :) I also miss having Barbie lips because last month I bought the red matte lipstick. Not that I don't appreciate red, I just don't want to make it my ordinary look. After all, I always loved the mild-shades-of--lippies-with-super-defined-eyes kind of look.

So in my attempt to resort to Revlon lippies and Rimmel compact powder, I was introduced to a new make up brand that looked like NARS. At first I thought it was just a replica of NARS but then I googled it. I'm not familiar with all the brands so I needed to check it out. And if it were a replica, it wouldn't be on that rack of cosmetics because they only sold authentic ones there. So the brand I was referring to was NOUBA professional Make up. (Just click to be linked to their official site). It is a beauty line from Italy so I gave it a go. A compact powder and a lippy won't hurt that much, right? :) Plus, plus, the packaging comes in a very sleek, matte black casing. It looks so classy like NARS. <3

Here are actual photos captured with my iPhone 6 camera, unedited. (Sorry for the noob photography skills. ^_^ )

Nouba Rouge Bijou #563
ebay price: $28.00
That is the actual color of the lippy, on application it doesn't give you a matte finish but you can pat your lips on a tissue paper for the matte feel because it i highly pigmented. Photo below of my already-patted-on-tissue-paper lips will show you what I'm talking about :) I love this shade  and I love that it doesn't wear off easily even with so many attempts from washing to wiping it off. <3



ebay price: $38.57
The compact powder is a matte finish, has a good coverage of blemishes and spots as you will see in the photo below. It is also not cakey at all and it feels light on the skin, like you don't actually have anything on. Apologies for my skin, it's still adjusting to the change of climate and has been dryer than usual (I already have a dry skin on a summer) because it's winter here. I tried to wash it but it really is not easy to remove so I think that's a plus for oily skin and people who sweat easily on the forehead like me. You are also guaranteed safe under the rain. <3 Above all, the most important, the shade I chose blended perfectly well with my complexion, or at least I think it does. :)


OVER OVERALL (with the lippy wiped off, with brows and eye make up and blush on) :

 There you go, the NOUBA professional make up. I personally like it. It's worth every single penny I spent on it. Gotta try more of their products soon. :) Tilll my next review post!

NOUBA professional make up: Face and Lips (Review)

Ola! As promised I'd be doing a review on my Sephora items. Basically, I don't really know if I have it in me to do a decent make up but I sure as hell know that I can look presentable with my basic knowledge on make up. I have a HMUA bff so she's my actual inspiration in all these things and this is the thing we share a lot in common as "Twins", they say. She has legit reviews, knowledge and is considered to be a guru in our place. here's her link, Jannieology: A plump girl's beauty adventures and more.

without further blahs, here are the items I'm going to do a review on:

Mascara: Outrageous Volume, Dramatic Volume by Sephora
Eye Liner Pencil by Sephora

In my opinion, the mascara doesn't melt down or smudge after a long day, it easily dries when applied and doesn't feel heavy on your eyelashes. Some mascaras give you a good look but make your eyes heavy, thus, feeling sleepy or have droopy eyelids. I was even able to cry with it on. The tears didn't smear it even a bit, so it's waterproof that way,  I guess. It really gives the DRAMATIC effect it says and yes, an outrageous volume also. What I also noticed is that it's not hard to remove. You don't need to put make up remover on. All you need to do is wash your eyes and rub it with a toilet paper or wash cloth and it will come off smoothly without leaving traces of black under or around your eyes. The eyeliner doesn't smear and will be there until you take it off. I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes but I didn't have a problem about smearing my eyeliner at all :)
Eyeshadow basic by Sephora
the eye shadow is not all too glittery, it has the feel of a natural look.  I am not an eye shadow person. I only put eye shadow when I want to have a full make up look on, but this thing just blends with your eyelids, so I like it that way :)

Bronzer: Sol del Rio Bronzing powder by Sephora for definition, contour and a more natural skin tone look
 Blush: Colorful blush by Sephora
Lippy: Sephora Rouge (The Red) #4097B
                           What can I say? Hmmmm. It is resistant to everything except oil. And I love it because it's MATTE <3



 I hope you like my simple review. :) I basically think you just need to feel good to look good. These beautiful products are just a bonus to that optimism there. :) I'd say, Sephora didn't fail me. it's my newest favorite brand of cosmetics from all the tons I''ve tried, and when I say tons, I mean it, trust me. :)

SEPHORA Eyes and Face (Review)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

This photo quite sums it all up, what I have been up to the past few days and the following week. I am currently preparing for my Ministry of Health Licensure Exam for Nurses. I hope you include me in your prayers. I will try my best to update this blog during the course of my review. Perhaps recipes, yeah? Next week I'll be going out with my new friend to do some sight-seeing and to share with you some places here in Kuwait :)


Monday, January 19, 2015

           Ever craved for an actual ramen but don't have access to a nearby korean food place? Ever craved for something hot so bad or can't cook noodles from scratch? Ever thought that sometimes instant noodles are just so boring to eat and not healthy at all? Good news, you really don't have to cook noodles from scratch to make korean noodles or ramen and instant noodles don't have to be totally unhealthy. Now, all you need are:

1. ANY  pack of your favorite instant noodles
2. chili powder 1TBSP full
3. chili flakes 1TBSP full
4.  a few cloves of garlic, according to your preference.  (I put 4 cloves)
5. 1 egg
6. 1/2 regular-sized carrots cut in strips
7. 1 cup of cabbage, cut in strips
8. Salt to taste because the addition ingredients may dissolve the original taste 
and a HALF cup of water may be added to the original calibration on the pack for more soup.
         Since I grew up in Zamboanga, we have this thing called "Backdoor" products from the Barter (a place where native products are sold) and the backdoor we are pertaining to is Malaysia. Malaysian products are shipped to Zamboanga directly and are exclusively available in Zamboanga in the entire Philippines. We have a product called Maggi Kari, similar to the photo above but that one is Maggi Curry locally available here in Kuwait that tastes exactly the same. I grew tired of eating it plain like that and figured out how to spice it up a little to make it look like a ramen or some korean noodles so all I did was saute all the veggies first with very little oil and wait till the veggies are semi soft before I added water and the noodles so when the noodles were cooked, the veggies were cooked just in time and lastly I added the egg ( it's up to you if you want to beat it or just leave it intact for a poached egg feel) ^_^ and voyla! It tastes so good. I also tried this recipe with Maggi Chicken and Maggi Beef and it really is still good. But among the three, Maggi Curry is the best as it complements the spice of the chili powder and that's how korean noodles are supposed to taste like. Warning: only eat this if you can tolerate super spicy food. <3

PS: Don't make it a habit to eat instant noodles all the time. You may like this so much but eat it in moderation. I still promote healthy/clean eating. I just had no choice because I couldn't find a local korean food place nearby and even the ingredients were hard to find in the grocery store and my PMS was irking me, hence, this. <3


Sunday, January 18, 2015

One thing I started doing in 2015 was getting rid of red meat and skins and fatty parts which is most probably the most delicious part in meat and started religiously eating chicken breasts so might as well try to make it pleasing to my taste buds. I looked up recipes that are healthy because it would be useless for me to eat chicken breast if I don't prepare it the healthy way and ended up wanting a Thai chicken but with a little modification of the recipe.

I spent the whole December reading about eating clean so I know what to add and not in my dishes. So here's my healthy recipe:

First we start we start with the marinade, so we are going to need:

1 chicken breast, cut in cubes
1 lemon, halved
1 medium tomato, diced
1 medium onion, diced
5 cloves of garlic, minced (the more, the better as it just not adds to the flavor but also is a potential anti hypertensive.
1 cup greek yogurt 
2 tsp turmeric powder or according to your preference. The more, the better, because turmeric is a very healthy spice, as it is a natural blood thinner, good for the circulation and dissolving clots in your blood vessels.
1 tsp coriander powder
Chili powder depends on your tolerance to spicy food, but this is also, the more the better! :)
Black pepper and Salt to taste, preferably TOO LITTLE SALT or No salt because the yoghurt and spices can give the flavor
1 thumb ginger

1. squeeze the lemon and massage on the chicken
2. add all the spices and massage on the chicken to the taste would stick to the chicken instead of the marinade
3. add the greek yogurt and the rest of the ingredients
4. leave the mixture in the ref for 10-20 minutes and preheat oven at the same time at 150degree Celsius.
5. after preheating, brush the oven tray with olive oil 
6. add the mixture on the tray
7. bake until chicken and veggies are cooked around 15-20 mins. you decide whether you want it saucy, semi saucy or dry. as for me I prefer it a bit dry 
8. before you take the thai chicken from the oven, add 1 sliced cucumber and let it be for 2 mins so as not to make the cucumber soggy as it is a water-based veggy.

after all that, you're ready to serve it. there's the actual photo above. :) It's very simple and fast to prepare and healthy eating wouldn't have to be that bad. Happy Eating!

original recipe at Calorie King.

MOUTH-WATERING: Healthy Thai Chicken