Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Kid On the Block

Hi, lurkers!
First off, I'm Shanne and a blogger since 2007 but unfortunately had a long hiatus due to the stressful years in Nursing School. So that leads to another fact that I am a Registered Nurse since 2013 currently on a new chapter of my book of life as I start to scribble on the first few pages of 2015 here in Kuwait waiting for the process of my employment to be completed so I can start to make a living. I'm currently dependent on my Mom who is fortunately here with me in Kuwait. Originally, we are Filipino natives, but I am only half blooded. Okay so, while waiting for my Ministry of Health Exam which is coming in less than three weeks, I decided to put up this blog for many reasons:

1. I want my journey here to be recorded so I can see whether I progress or not.
2. This can be my outlet since I barely know people here and have no one to talk to.
3. My friends in the Philippines are curious what it's like to live here and I can't just update each of them so this will do me a favor.
4. I'm currently experiencing an emotional turmoil because of all the changes and there are just about a million heartbreaks and part of it is being CHEATED ON. I won't elaborate further. #LDRproblems
5. I was a campus-journalist and just can't bury the urge to write, explore and share what's in my mind and surely, there are just too many tabs open.

What to expect in this blog?
I will  be blogging about:
1. Food- Because I love cooking and I love to make people happy through the food I feed them.
2. Fashion- As a plus-size, I figured out a way to feel good about myself and size is never my problem.
3.Places- since most of my friends are from the Philippines and some lurkers may be from different parts of the world, might as well show them a touch of Kuwait.
4. Hauls- I may be a great spender but a practical one. I make sure I get a great deal for a quality stuff. Watch out for reviews of products I use too.
5. Maybe just about anything under the ozone  

So, hello there! Come join me in the ride and maybe we'll be able to fill spaces in my book of life together. 

God bless!


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