Tuesday, February 3, 2015

NOUBA professional make up: Face and Lips (Review)

Hi there! I'll be doing another make up review that's for this month because my previous post was a review intended for January. I can't promise a specific pattern of time for review posts but be assured I will update at least once a week :)

So talking about my monthly haul, my mom and I usually go out every first week of the month to stack up our almost-empty fridge for the whole month. Unlike last month, we decided to do our shopping in Lulu Hypermarket, Dajeej. I got a bit sad because I wouldn't be able to sneak into my favorite make up store and I remember grocery stores only sold Revlon and Rimmel the most here. I opted to shop for a new compact powder because the one I was using does not blend in with my complexion anymore. Why? Because I got lighter. Yay! Thanks to Pond's Flawless White, and yes, expect a review on that too :) I also miss having Barbie lips because last month I bought the red matte lipstick. Not that I don't appreciate red, I just don't want to make it my ordinary look. After all, I always loved the mild-shades-of--lippies-with-super-defined-eyes kind of look.

So in my attempt to resort to Revlon lippies and Rimmel compact powder, I was introduced to a new make up brand that looked like NARS. At first I thought it was just a replica of NARS but then I googled it. I'm not familiar with all the brands so I needed to check it out. And if it were a replica, it wouldn't be on that rack of cosmetics because they only sold authentic ones there. So the brand I was referring to was NOUBA professional Make up. (Just click to be linked to their official site). It is a beauty line from Italy so I gave it a go. A compact powder and a lippy won't hurt that much, right? :) Plus, plus, the packaging comes in a very sleek, matte black casing. It looks so classy like NARS. <3

Here are actual photos captured with my iPhone 6 camera, unedited. (Sorry for the noob photography skills. ^_^ )

Nouba Rouge Bijou #563
ebay price: $28.00
That is the actual color of the lippy, on application it doesn't give you a matte finish but you can pat your lips on a tissue paper for the matte feel because it i highly pigmented. Photo below of my already-patted-on-tissue-paper lips will show you what I'm talking about :) I love this shade  and I love that it doesn't wear off easily even with so many attempts from washing to wiping it off. <3



ebay price: $38.57
The compact powder is a matte finish, has a good coverage of blemishes and spots as you will see in the photo below. It is also not cakey at all and it feels light on the skin, like you don't actually have anything on. Apologies for my skin, it's still adjusting to the change of climate and has been dryer than usual (I already have a dry skin on a summer) because it's winter here. I tried to wash it but it really is not easy to remove so I think that's a plus for oily skin and people who sweat easily on the forehead like me. You are also guaranteed safe under the rain. <3 Above all, the most important, the shade I chose blended perfectly well with my complexion, or at least I think it does. :)


OVER OVERALL (with the lippy wiped off, with brows and eye make up and blush on) :

 There you go, the NOUBA professional make up. I personally like it. It's worth every single penny I spent on it. Gotta try more of their products soon. :) Tilll my next review post!


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