Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ola! As promised I'd be doing a review on my Sephora items. Basically, I don't really know if I have it in me to do a decent make up but I sure as hell know that I can look presentable with my basic knowledge on make up. I have a HMUA bff so she's my actual inspiration in all these things and this is the thing we share a lot in common as "Twins", they say. She has legit reviews, knowledge and is considered to be a guru in our place. here's her link, Jannieology: A plump girl's beauty adventures and more.

without further blahs, here are the items I'm going to do a review on:

Mascara: Outrageous Volume, Dramatic Volume by Sephora
Eye Liner Pencil by Sephora

In my opinion, the mascara doesn't melt down or smudge after a long day, it easily dries when applied and doesn't feel heavy on your eyelashes. Some mascaras give you a good look but make your eyes heavy, thus, feeling sleepy or have droopy eyelids. I was even able to cry with it on. The tears didn't smear it even a bit, so it's waterproof that way,  I guess. It really gives the DRAMATIC effect it says and yes, an outrageous volume also. What I also noticed is that it's not hard to remove. You don't need to put make up remover on. All you need to do is wash your eyes and rub it with a toilet paper or wash cloth and it will come off smoothly without leaving traces of black under or around your eyes. The eyeliner doesn't smear and will be there until you take it off. I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes but I didn't have a problem about smearing my eyeliner at all :)
Eyeshadow basic by Sephora
the eye shadow is not all too glittery, it has the feel of a natural look.  I am not an eye shadow person. I only put eye shadow when I want to have a full make up look on, but this thing just blends with your eyelids, so I like it that way :)

Bronzer: Sol del Rio Bronzing powder by Sephora for definition, contour and a more natural skin tone look
 Blush: Colorful blush by Sephora
Lippy: Sephora Rouge (The Red) #4097B
                           What can I say? Hmmmm. It is resistant to everything except oil. And I love it because it's MATTE <3



 I hope you like my simple review. :) I basically think you just need to feel good to look good. These beautiful products are just a bonus to that optimism there. :) I'd say, Sephora didn't fail me. it's my newest favorite brand of cosmetics from all the tons I''ve tried, and when I say tons, I mean it, trust me. :)


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