Thursday, February 19, 2015

IRRELEVANT: Grey's Anatomy Craze

Okay, so maybe you guys have been wondering what I am up to these past few weeks that I am idle so I wanted to update you. :) I STILL didn't hear from the Ministry of Health about my exam date but hearsays from people who will be taking them too said that the MOH is postponed due to the Independence Day on February 25, better known here as the "HALA FEBRAYIR" so the prepation's about the whole February. So I am guessing that my exam will be some time in march. Well, I am not the type to retain information so I decided to STOP studying because it doesn't really do me any good. I have forgotten half the things I have reviewed and not even sure about what I retained. May God bless my soul. :( In the mean time, I decided for a "Me time" with a little bit of brushing the guilt away by staying MEDICAL. LOL. So I started watching Grey's Anatomy from Seasons 1 down to the last. It has always been my plan to watch Grey's Anatomy straight because I loved the series even then but couldn't watch it religiously due to school stuff. So yay! I finally crashed an item down my endless list of To-do's :)

This got me sleeping at 7am every day and waking up at 4pm. My sleeping pattern is a mess but it's all worth it because when I sleep, it's a good, deep sleep. I have been suffering from insomnia before. My life practically revolved around the hospital, just like the, and it reminded me of my internship in the different areas of the hospital. I am also a frustrated medical student for so many reasons. Lack of time, too much responsibilities and pressure, lack of support and the likes. I guess it will just be a buried dream. Being a Nurse is close enough, though, it still grounds me in a hospital field saving lives. :) 

And If you ask me who my favorite character here is, I would say Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) because he was an epitome of a best friend despite being labeled as a "Man Whore" in the story. And he is just soooo hot, thus, having the "McSteamy" code name by the interns and residents at the hospital. It's so sad though that he had to die in season 8 :( I literally cried. Aw, I'm just too attached to the story line now.

Of course, some of you would want to watch Grey's Anatomy, so I will link you <3 

Happy Watching! <3


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