Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Sephora: Where Beauty Beats" Surely, these beauty products had a way to make my heart beat. 

I was planning on buying a Mascara and a Lippy from the mall but ended up buying these. As I said, I am a great spender but I make sure I get a great deal. Buying the Lippy and Mascara wouldn't make me save as much as buying this whole box of happiness.

Originally, the Sephora Outrageous Volume Dramatic Volume mascara costs 8KD (Kuwait Dinar) or 1,215.51Php (Philippine Peso). 
The box also contained two pencils, 1 lip liner and 1 black eye line, when bought separately, each would cost 6KD or 911.63Php, x 2 that would make it 12KD or 1,823.27 Php. The lippy alone costs 7KD or 1,063.57Php. The Blush another 8KD, eye shadow 7KD. This set also comes with a free lipstick brush, a nail polish and a face mask, I haven't seen the actual price when they are bought individually. So when you buy them in separate pieces you get to pay 42KD or 6,381.43Php excluding the lipstick brush, face mask and the nail polish. I have saved a great deal of money for paying only 17KD or 2,582.95Php for this box of beauty.

If I decided to get just the lippy and mascara like I originally planned, I would've spent 7KD+8KD = 15KD whereas when I add 2KD, I get all these in a box <3

If you are here in Kuwait, this is Available at THE AVENUES MALL, second building, ground floor, before the first Starbucks outlet, turn left. This is still available when I went there last week. It would be only until supplies last. So hurry up and grab your box! <3

Coming up: Review on these products. Stay tuned! <3


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