Wednesday, February 4, 2015

OOTD #1: Semi-winter Look

Hello there! It's  my first winter here in Kuwait and I'm glad because since I love to play dress-up, I would be able to try on some winter looks. I don't claim to dress up fabulously because I only aim presentable and COMFY! Well, if you are a plus size lass like me with an apple-shaped figure (I'm not so sure with that though) you'll be able to use some tips from me :)

So I decided to go out with this look below. Fluffy cream top with black and metallic golden details on the sleeves which I think makes me look slimmer in the arms. And I'm so thankful for the holes there because the material really makes you  warm (a winter top, duh? ^_^) and I'd love to breathe some fresh air despite the cold winter breeze.

For the bottom, I almost always choose black pants/leggings because not only does it cover that unwanted belly there, it gives a sexier look to that fat thighs. We don't want to draw more attention on that bass, do we? ^_^  and a rule of fashion goes : Light top, dark bottom and vice versa :)

lastly, I found the most comfortable boots ever. It's like wearing your socks only. My feet are kept warm and it could breathe well in that. Both the details of my top and bottom are shown there, so I guess it's a matchy, matchy kind of day :) As for the bag, I think a convenient brown leather bag goes well with black and white and other nudes. 

I am so happy and comfy with this look <3

PS: The outfit's grabbed from different brandless department stores here but of good quality of course :)

TOP: 1.250 KW Dinar or Php 186.94 (360 Mall grocery section)
BOTTOM: 1.500 KWD or Php 224.34 (Anee's Closet)
BOOTS: 6.700 or Php 1,002.00 (Al-Maweed, Farwaniya)
BAG: 12KWD or Php 1,794.67 (Kuwait City)


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