Monday, January 19, 2015


           Ever craved for an actual ramen but don't have access to a nearby korean food place? Ever craved for something hot so bad or can't cook noodles from scratch? Ever thought that sometimes instant noodles are just so boring to eat and not healthy at all? Good news, you really don't have to cook noodles from scratch to make korean noodles or ramen and instant noodles don't have to be totally unhealthy. Now, all you need are:

1. ANY  pack of your favorite instant noodles
2. chili powder 1TBSP full
3. chili flakes 1TBSP full
4.  a few cloves of garlic, according to your preference.  (I put 4 cloves)
5. 1 egg
6. 1/2 regular-sized carrots cut in strips
7. 1 cup of cabbage, cut in strips
8. Salt to taste because the addition ingredients may dissolve the original taste 
and a HALF cup of water may be added to the original calibration on the pack for more soup.
         Since I grew up in Zamboanga, we have this thing called "Backdoor" products from the Barter (a place where native products are sold) and the backdoor we are pertaining to is Malaysia. Malaysian products are shipped to Zamboanga directly and are exclusively available in Zamboanga in the entire Philippines. We have a product called Maggi Kari, similar to the photo above but that one is Maggi Curry locally available here in Kuwait that tastes exactly the same. I grew tired of eating it plain like that and figured out how to spice it up a little to make it look like a ramen or some korean noodles so all I did was saute all the veggies first with very little oil and wait till the veggies are semi soft before I added water and the noodles so when the noodles were cooked, the veggies were cooked just in time and lastly I added the egg ( it's up to you if you want to beat it or just leave it intact for a poached egg feel) ^_^ and voyla! It tastes so good. I also tried this recipe with Maggi Chicken and Maggi Beef and it really is still good. But among the three, Maggi Curry is the best as it complements the spice of the chili powder and that's how korean noodles are supposed to taste like. Warning: only eat this if you can tolerate super spicy food. <3

PS: Don't make it a habit to eat instant noodles all the time. You may like this so much but eat it in moderation. I still promote healthy/clean eating. I just had no choice because I couldn't find a local korean food place nearby and even the ingredients were hard to find in the grocery store and my PMS was irking me, hence, this. <3


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